Monday, April 14, 2008

Makan Makan in Ipoh

.120408. Xin Quan Fang Restaurant / Coffee Shop

If you are travelling up North to Ipoh you cannot miss this makan spot!! (If you miss it, do try it the next time you visit Ipoh k?) Famous for its Curry Mee. Even Hong Kong film star Chow Yuen Fatt has tasted it. Have you???

Last Saturday, surprisingly.... I followed my parents "back" to Ipoh for "ching ming" season.. It's been a long long while since I've been back there. Went to clean and tidy up my grandma and grandpa's grave.

Anywayz, no doubt, all of us do agree that Ipoh is definitely one of the main food paradise in Malaysia. At least I'm quite sure we can food lotsa good food in Ipoh!! And you gotta believe me, this curry noodle shop is a MUST TRY in Ipoh! In fact, many Hong Kong filmstars that came to Ipoh have tried it already!!

I'm not bias or what but the curry here is simply FANTEXCELLENT!! (fantastic + excellent). Although I have to say that the owner is my relative though. I've been eating here every single visit with my family and when I was little, we used to have a "VIP" table at the kitchen there.. haha.. so that we don't kacau other customers..

*super chun curry noodle shop (also got dry curry and plain soup la)*

*mini bowl with special curry gravy for the side dish*

*non-halal side dish to go with the curry noodle (yummy!!)*

*not forgetting Ipoh Famous Bean Sprout*

*main star curry mee hoon + mee*

*when all join together become one delicious yummy meal*

*my relatives busy cookin*

By the way, best time go makan is between 9am - 11am coz by 12++ pm, start to tutup kedai. Curry also habis already...



Charmayne said...

OMG Siew Yoke..! i want i want i want..! *DROOLS*

andrew said...

hahaha.... looks like you're a siew yoke lover ya?? or is just that you havent been eating that for quite some time?? haha

Scott McLean said...
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