Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pure Life Orphanage Visit #3


It was supposingly Goshen's final visit to Pure Life though before we actually pass our baton to the next cell that is going to continue our reaching out activity to the less fortunate kids. Unfortunately, the other adult cell couldn't joined us today coz of some last minute arrangements. Anyway, I was late that night though thanks to a super last minute car break down back at home. *sighhh*~

I did not give up. Though I was a little late, I quickly get my car done with the help of Auto Assist from my insurance company and then drove my dad's car off to the Orphanage Centre. All the kids and of coz my lovely cell members applaud when I arrive. hahaha.. They were happy indeed to see me though I was late. Everyone was asking if my car ok anot. swttzzzz...

Anyway, that night we had some sharings about our personal walk of life and the kids was so attracted to our story that they kept 100% focus on our sharings. All of us came from different backgrounds and I understand that the kids, all of them, come from really tough background. Yet, the perseverance and commitment that they have towards their own life sparked my thought and I said to myself "Am I taking my life a little for granted?"

*Chris's first visit there and showing some tricks*

*Mel's first visit as well and clicked well with the kids*

*my cell leader wrapping up the night with a "kite" story*

My cell leader shared that there were once a beautiful kite, belonging to these 2 kids. The kite was the most beautiful of all among others up in the sky. And the kite said "I wish I could get off the string that is holding me back so that I could go further and see more things and be as free as the bird." One day there came a heavy rain with a strong wind. The string holding the kite broken and the kite flew off happily higher and higher. Just as the kite thought he was free joyfully, it suddenly fell downwards and landed on a tree. Birds came and tore the kite apart and use its body to build nest. The kids then came looking for the kite and found it on top of a tree and they said to the kite. I had a string to hold u back is because I don't want you to fall yourself helplessly. All I wanted was to keep you flying as high and as beautiful as you can be. I want the best for you.

Sometimes we ponder, there could be someone that is always guiding us as we grow up. We may think negatively and that the someone always hold us back. But our loved ones only want the best for us!! And I think this applies to all parents and even guardians. Time to think twice and love your family more ya!


Apek said...

"there could be someone that is always guiding us as we grow up" Somethings happen not because we want them but coz we need them...Somethings we think we should have but we don't...But I guess, it's always for the best:D

andrew said...

yea man!! great words!! well, do you know that in these few months, i've learnt alot.. what life's really all about!! haha.. *cheerz* man bro!