Saturday, April 26, 2008

Move Forward!!


Suppose to post about Cat and Dog Theology Part 2 i did in my cell group yesterday night, but due to my bad flu and cough, better write a short one... *cough cough* *sneezeeee* sighhh...~

I believe that what's done is done and not let the past ruin our future. Whatever mistakes or failures me might have made or faced are just part and parcel of life. Things in the past are meant to mould us to create a better future; to be a better person and improve on our weaknesses, and not to be kept in the heart blaming ourselves and do nothing about it.

*move forward!! swift, smooth, fast and smart, forget the past*

Like my 'endless' buddies always say "jou yan yiu hiong chin hon" which means "we must always look forward and move ahead in life"!! Agree??

Time waits for no man and we must really cherish the moments we have or we'll be sorry when it's too late. "too late to apologise..."