Friday, April 25, 2008

Tears vs Raindrops


Tears are like raindrops. The darker the clouds, the heavier the rain will be. It reflects our tears in a sense the deeper our sadness and sorrows may be, the greater our tears flow from our eyes. But always look at the brighter side of life, for everything does happen for a reason and the more positive we look at things, the more cheerful we will be!

*think positive and be cheerful always!*

Don't mess up your life just because you lose something which you think is close to your heart for God has a better plan for you! =) Don't be so stressed up when things seem to go haywire for you need to be calm in handling things... Don't feel sad at times when you are alone for God is always there beside you... Here's another nice poem ya...

To make our lives more meaningful,
It takes a cheerful heart,
and loving life and living it,
each day as a brand new start.

It takes a positive attitude
when trials come our way...
and having the strength to carry on
and taking the time to pray.

Life is what we make it,
for the time that we are here...
so start each day with a cheerful heart
and see miracles appear.
- Jill Lemming

Till then, cheerz everyone!


*_honey._* 홍 하 니 said...

nice pic.

andrew said...

owhh... haha..thanks wor!! =D