Saturday, April 12, 2008

Planetshakers In Town!!


Welcome home planetshakers!! =D Every year planetshakers will hold some sort of conference and worship sessions to bring youths especially together to worship the Lord and tonight they rocked with thousands of youths yet again @ Full Gospel Assembly KL (FGAKL). In conjunction with the launching of YouthAlpha, Planetshakers came to start off the supposingly 7pm service who eventually began at 8pm due to the massive crowd pouring in, and reach out to many young lives of our nation. YouthAlpha is an evangelistic tool for youths to win their generation back!! A great 10week sessions for non-Christian to attend and in addition to it, YouthAlpha has already begun in 50 National Service Camps nationwide.

Took a few shots to show you how FANTASTIC the crowd was!! 95 % YOUTHS (That's what I thought)

*super long and wide queue from main sanc entrance*

*youths waiting excitedly at the main entrance*

*towards the end of the service*

Am really encouraged though to see so many young souls that turned up tonight. At least, they made and effort to come. And I really do pray that the seeds will be planted on good soil that will bear good fruits in the near future... All glory and honor to God!! =D