Monday, April 21, 2008

Save the Earth?

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Sunway Freeze event just passed but it really struck me though what joyce and zewt mentioned at her blog and to me respectively. No doubt, it was an event with noble intention and proper method, but how well did the message really reached to the public. Or even better, how well did it actually reached to the minds of each and every participant?

Did they just go for the sake of posing for 4 minutes, shout hooray and walk off? Or did some of us went just because our friends invited to? Or do we think it's just plain cool to freeze in the shopping mall when everyone else looking at you? Perhaps, it could have been a mixture of them but still the utmost important value and purpose that we should have carried with us was the message of saving earth by conserving energy and power. It is suppose to be an freeze event where we carry message that will reach out to on lookers and passerbys.

Did the freeze event managed to achieve public awareness among the society? Did we manage to tell people how we can save earth by conserving and saving power? Or did we only successfully be part of this so called glamourous event? I really don't have the right or wrong answer. I'll leave that to you to judge.

But I do hope those who participated in both Pavillion and Sunway Freeze got the message that I think the organiser is trying to convey!! Anywayz, as mentioned who else was there with me...?

*voch, jiok, smashpop, myself*

*aiyoman, jean, myself*

Really looking forward for the next public awareness event that will bring more people together to reach out to the society with the right thinking and attitude. Save the Earth! Have a good week and God bless


zewt said...

if the event did something like... ask all of them to switch off their handphone for an hour... that would have been something.

to me, it is a glamour event and the radio publicity didnt do it much justice.

you're right... hope the next social event will be a more fruitful one.

andrew said...

yeap yeap... haihh~ hopefully la.. lets look forward to more of such awareness event that will be fruitful, hopefully to the society... =D