Sunday, April 20, 2008

"World Earth Day" FREEZE @ Sunway Pyramid


In conjuction with "World Earth Day", randomalphabets together with organised a Freeze Event in Sunway Pyramid today. Thanks to mayz who reminded me about it yet she didn't turn up! And thanks smashpop! for giving me da details and of coz taking a photo together!! haha..

It was about 7.30 when plenty of enthusiasists came in their green clothes as mentioned in the random alphabet website. We were given a paper note of instruction as to where the check point was and what to do then. And of course, those who went for KL Freeze @ Pavillion about a week ago will know what to do and what to expect.

*participants gathering near the skating rink*

*paper note for instructions*

So, my friends and I gathered with a few familiar faces and friends in front of Many shoppers looked at us puzzled and wondered why this whole bunch of people suddenly flood the lower ground floor of the new wing. In fact, there was a couple that bumped to me and asked "what's happening here?" and I replied them "freeze event" and so on...
Some of the people were already preparing for their desired pose and suddenly came a counting down to 8pm...

*freeze for world earth day!!*

*semangat people posing with their personal msg to passerbys*

AND SO IT GOES.... 5....4....3....2...... 1!! *crak!!* all jadi batu d... STONED!

*chung sik, jean and I*

*save the earth la, lagi wanna waste paper!!*

*save the pokoks, dun waste papers!!*

And so, the freeze went on for the next 4 minutes.. Many passerbys and even shop workers gathered around to look what's happening. All *question marks* on their faces!! haha.. There was a couple in front of me that suddenly said,
"why all this people suddenly stop moving one, let's go away" and they hurried off!! Qutie funny though.

*puzzled people*

*more puzzled people*


*here's a video of the World Earth Day Freeze event @ Sunway Pyramid*

*courtesy of victor a.k.a voch*

Up Next: Who else was there....


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