Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Some comic strips to share...


This comics strips were taken from some source and I feel the way they put it is a lil funny. But come to think about it, it's kinda sad aso to have all this "jokes" around. Anywayz, have a good day guyz.. and girlz... ><

*does it reminds you of someone??*

*typical human nature rite??*

*i'll leave the judgement to you guyz out there*

Just in case you can't see the last picture clearly, the third guy is actually saying "Saya NANTI Rasuah".


Jiok said...

so free ar read comic?

andrew said...

not to say free tho... datz why my post quite short.. haha.. esok midterm wehh...~ =p

voch said...

MRR2 to Kepong got highway meh?
hahaa.. can layan jugak, lawak malaysia ;P

andrew said...

MRR2 is the highway to kepong la broda!!! *blur* la you nowadays... old d.. =D