Friday, May 2, 2008

And The Winner Is...


I'm sure you all should know the results by now lo!! I still receive sms, people asking me "so who won ar??" zzzz...

Anyway most of us would have preferred Hanis to win though but anyway conclusion is Cindy won the Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 1 d so let's move on.

I like the part when Elaine Daly asked where's Cindy's dad!! Haha.. I believe those loyal supporters who followed the whole season will know why and what about the controversial thingy. Was wondering if KennySia himself already got Cindy's dad's signature!! =D

Well, see ya again MDG Season 2!! Bigger, Better and More Excitement!!

More photos...

*let the fashion show begin!*

*adeline in this cute looking dress*

*hanis with the rainbow colour top*

*introducing women's secret!! woooo*

*jay with her striking red lovely dress*

*cantik kan this dress??*

* owner!! haha*

*this dress cute kan??*

*one final look at all 11 of the top 12 finalist*

*hanis punya fans!! the one in black is her bf*

*waiting excitedly for the final results!!*

*here's your top 3 once again!!*

*and your winner is....... errr.... cindy??*

*we were there (me, mayz, eeching, ravin, suthesh)*


Seizhin said...

I always hear people ranting about Cindy's attitude, but, she won?

You took the pics pretty nicely though!

andrew said...

hahaha... seizhin.. thx ya!!