Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fashion Show At One Utama

.030508. Fashion on 1 @ One Utama

Today was my first time attending a fashion show in a shopping complex though as my previous one was in Zouk KL. Reached around 10.30am as told by my sifu but the photographers area was already packed with "campers". But, Brian, Vic and I still managed to grab a "not so bad" spot.

"Storybook Couture" co-owner, Debbie (sifu's friend) mentioned to sifu that her company will be participating in a fashion show event and he was more than happy to shoot for her, so, Vic and I were also there! In fact, it was in conjuction with the Fashion Week in One Utama as mentioned in my previous MDG posts.

Wasn't satisfied with my photos though coz was having a tough time squatting down to shoot with my sifu 70-300mm lens which i have to manually focus on my d40. Aduhh~ But, it was a good experience though coz I got to learn some new shooting skills that day =D

*photoshoot campers*

*vic, wrong place to put your camera at*

*random shots during the intervals*

*vic asked me why he use a bottle as diffuser*

*at 3pm, the numbers of photographers were almost uncountable d*

*best part!! i took the EXACT same pass during the MDG, (blue-26)*

*we were there (sifu, vic, me)*


Jiok said...

haahahh the bottle is actually Gary Fong Lightsphere

andrew said...

hahaha... now he know lo.. i saw that in a few camera shops tho... but really dun understand how to use it..