Thursday, May 22, 2008

Champions Of Europe!!

.210508. UCL Final @ Moscow (Luzhniki Stadium)

*Luzhniki Stadium @ Moscow, Russia*

Just came home from one of the most dramatic penalty shootout in a European Champions League Final history. It was the moment of truth as who was to be crown champions of Europe in the land of Russia. Daniel and I decided to invade Oldtown Kopitiam in Cyberjaya as the spot for the UCL grand finale!! To our suprise, the place was already jammed packed with United (majority) and Chelsea supporters when we actually arrived at 1.45am.

Thanks to Daniel who spotted 'Padi' with empty spaces, we quickly grab a few tables and reserved the best seats for that night (or morning). And soon, the rest joined in, about 20 of us, together with hundreds around. The atmosphere and crowd was rather heated up with excitement!! And so the match kicked off with Man Utd controlling well for the next 35 minutes. Ronaldo played well enough today and managed to score a brilliant header after finding a cross from Brown who completed a perfect 1-2 pass with Scholes. Just at the stroke of half time, Lampart found the equaliser after a deflected shot from Essien through a scrappy looking United defence which wrong-footed Van Der Sar.

Second half and extra time was rather boring and average respectively with some few nice chances from United who just couldnt score and Chelsea hitting the wood twice. Then came one of the most thrilling and nerve-shredding penalty shootout I've ever witness. With Chelsea leading 4-4 with an extra shot, it looked as if Terry was going to seal the game after Van Der Sar dived the wrong way.


Lady luck was on United's side and the woodwork did it's wonders again to United's favour. The whole crowd screamed like mad and I almost lost my voice that moment! And so we all (majority) chanted for United and finally Anelka's kick was brilliantly saved by Van Der Sar to seal the European crown!!! The fans ran wild and we shouted our lungs out, hugging each other and exchanging "high fives"!!!

*Man Utd - Champions of Europe 07/08 and Barclays PL Champions*

I tell you, it was definitely, without a single doubt, a brilliant season for Man Utd and to wrap it up with such a astonishing fashion is simply remarkable. Looking forward to the next season and may the best team wins again! =D

Photoshoot @ Malacca Pt3 laterz.... =p


eeynhoj said...

Terry, don't cry.. :D

dan said...

120k defender doin his job, well worth! haha

andrew said...

haha... 120k defender, 3 woodwork, and man utd players give chance... =p

Apek said... dancer..!!:D

andrew said...

haha... yea man... darn farnie rite.. =D they say he damn jakun!!