Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Photoshoot At Malacca Part 2

.170508. Photoshoot @ Malacca

Narnia's good!!! Just came back from a special screening of Narnia @ KLCC thanks to Smashpop, courtesy of Xfresh who gave out winning tix... At least, I thought it was better than the first one.

Today was rather normal besides accompanying Mooi Li and Jason to get 'her' new Olympus DSLR @ Sg Wang.

Here's the updates people!! More pix from MMU Malacca Campus... And so it goes...

*cheewai broke the chair and we gotta get rid of it before the guard sees it*

*and then we had peace of LOVE between the two triads*

*funny looking pic with heads only, idea from pk*

*took some memorable photos in front of my beloved MMU library!!*

*and we had a jump on the field next to the main hall with MMU hostel as background*

*one of my favourite style*

*not to forget, the president's square at the main entrance*

*the girlz again in BnW*

*my model for the day, dailou a.k.a greyfish*

*a photo taken at jonker street*
More photos on the way....