Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Counting down...


Another 3 more days to go before my first paper on Friday and then wrap my final's final paper on Saturday!! Not much time left!! Another 60 hours to my first paper and it's time to turn on my Turbo and maximum boost!!

*credits to the one who created this cute pix*

Blessed Birthday to my 3-year housemate JyhYian and also my Mescorp junior LiPing!! Wishing you many wonderful years ahead and all da best in finalz!!


Sandra Pixie said...

You can do all things through Christ who gives you the strength :) Philippians 4:13

With Man things is Impossible!! But with GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!! Matthew 19:26

Bro, no worries in your exam, For God will soar with you above the storm and tribulations! Ur worries and stress has been lifted up by HIM! :)

I have faith in you and you will score well because of JESUS and the Favor of God is in you already! And always! :) Just claim it in your prayers, and I will keep you in prayers too! Take care! All the best in your exam! Relax! No stress :)

voch said...

Chill chill bro. All the best in finals!

jyhyian said...

terima kasih.
We are from the same unit.
So the stress level should be roughly the same.
GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!

andrew said...

[sandra] haha... thanks alot wor for your words of wisdom... ngekk ngekk [vic] chilling =D dats why keep buzzing u in ym [jyh] haha...you're welcome!! sama sama jia you la!!

liping said...

thanks for the wish! :) all the best for finals..jangan stress, atleast its your last one..I HAVE MANY MANY more to goooo! pftttt.

andrew said...

[liping] haha.. u're welcome!! and thx ya!! dun worry la... not many left aso.. hehe =p

Anonymous said...

Dun be so stress ...you can do it...gambateh .... go go go