Monday, May 12, 2008

Bee King's Wedding Night!

.100508. Ah Kee N' Bee King Wedding @ Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel

A post wedding dinner update on my dear cell member, Bee King's auspicious night!! Most of the Goshen cell members arrived at about 6pm @ Sunway Hotel Grand Ballroom. Thanks father-to-be 'Lui kor kor' for fetching me both day and night last Saturday. We had to reach early that evening to do sound check and final rehearsal for our song presentation for Bee King and her hubby. The settings was lovely and I was stunned by the beautiful huge ballroom where I have to do my Solo ending for Bee King!! Oh no!! 80 tables = 800 audience!!! Anyway, since it's Bee King's night and it's only gonna be that short 20 seconds perhaps, I'll do it for her!!

The night started off as Sai Kit, Goshen's cell leader, Emcee'd the night by welcoming the lovely couple into the hall, onto the stage for cutting of the wedding cake ceremony! Bee King was indeed stunningly gorgeous that night and Ah Kee was at his best too! Well, after the couple toss, 5th dish and Sai Kit's story telling, it was time for our song presentation!! We presented 2 songs for them that night. The first was "I love you for sentimental reasons" and continued with"L O V E" with Jin May on the keyboard. I assume the crowd loved our performances after some post dinner comments when we were leaving the hotel by some friends and I hope my solo part didn't screw up as I think it could have been. haha..

Well, Chris and I had more than 10 glasses of wine that evening while Jason and Lui enjoyed their privately ordered coffee!! I can say that the wedding banquet went smoothly that night and I am sure Bee King and hubby enjoyed the most out of it! Once again, CONGRATULATIONS and may God showers His Blessings upon your marriage. Wishing you plenty of wonderful years ahead and happy honeymoon! =D

*bee king's wedding @ Sunway Hotel*

*beautiful ice sculpture for the couple*

*arrival of guests at the cocktail reception*

*beautiful hall, and up ahead is the stage we'll be performing!*

*the pretties of Goshen cell*

*not forgetting the smarties and handsomes of Goshen*

*this should be my shot of the night tho, not much photo taken (lovely)*

*happy birthday to beeking jie jie as well!! double happiness*

*and of course, a family photo of Goshen*

Oriteys... Time to study for my Friday and Saturday's final FINALZ!! Stress nyer....


Jessielicious said...

woot...ballroom super nice wei...gorgeous place!aiya no record on ur solo ah?by the way, all the best for your final finals...lei zao hou more exam ad,truly merdeka liao...i haven't even start yet..i don't even dare to think i hav to go thru how many exams b4 my final finals...-.-"

andrew said...

haha...stressing now... see ya in church!

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful wedding function lehh ... nice nice...especialy the wedding environment ...GOOD and NICE