Sunday, May 11, 2008

How Awesome!!!


Just about 2 months ago I went to PJEFC church to listen to a message from a Pastor whom I can't recall the name at the moment. He spoke on the topic WORSHIP. And the word awesome in those days was meant to acknowledge God's presence and Glory. Today I can really use the word AWESOME because I could feel God's presence during worship today and it was really really awesome and powerful!! Never have I felt before God's presence like the one I did today and so happened today is Pentecost Sunday where the Holy Spirit came down 40 days after Jesus resurrection. During the third song, I can only stand there with my tears flowing down and words just couldn't come out from my mouth. It must be God. I stood there so in peace and amazed by the glory and presence of God. It was truly an amazing experience and feeling to be by His side!

Another special occasion of course today as it's Mother's Day and I would love to extend my wishes to all moms out there a Blessed Mother's Day!! And I love my mom and grandmother very very much! =D

Get charged up guyz and gurlz for a brand new week ahead! God bless and have a pleasant week in whatever you are doing. Be it in work, college, university, or at home!


Sandra Pixie said...

Hey Bro! Amen to your post! yes, indeed the Presence of God is way more than awesome i think! just couldnt describe it! :) OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!

andrew said...

hahaha... *cheerz* to that yea!! i hope i'll get to experience it as often as possible!! i so so love it!! =D