Saturday, May 24, 2008

KSCB Bloggerz Gathering

.230508. KSCB Bloggerz @ Talipon Restaurant (Kelana Jaya)

Thanks to Yoei and Ren, mini 'kscb' had a fun gathering + dinner @ Talipon Restaurant just across the Kelana Jaya Putra LRT Station. It was my first time attending such gathering though. Meeting people that you only know virtually from the net but... Thank God I found a group of really interesting and pretty nice people to hang out with!

*cheerz* to Ren, Yen, MengYoei, Sue, Zoe, WenPink, CopyKate, Simon, UncleJosh, PeiMun, SplashMilk, and Melvin.

*kate, ren and mel in the camera*

*yen, me, and ren*

*da gurlz - kate, wen, sue, zoe*

*wonder what they want from me =p*

*tattoo show-off, where's zoe's?*

*zoe's butterfly tattoo, cantik kan?*

*yoei with his funny face and simon brain-washing zoe and kate*

*hello uncle josh and his girlfriend (left)*

*group photo from sue*

Nice meeting you guyz and looking forward to our next gathering. Perhaps it could be the Roxy event on June 7th.


UncleJosh said...

hey hey~! where's all the pic you took~! share share~!
hahaha :)

add me in msn

Sue Me said...

lol..uncle josh is faster than me.wakaka..cant wait for the next gathering..woohoo..

andrew said...

[uncle] haha... pix there d lo.... lol [sue] gotta be faster next time...

Sandra said...

ohhh!!!! go gathering tak ajak? :P LOL! so happening lar after Uni Life?? LOL!!!

Jocelyn said...

hey andrew, this is just fyi that i've visited ur site since u texted me this site while we ARE still in Italiannies NOW ;)

andrew said...

[sandra] ahh.... sowee sowee.. hillsong k??? =D [jocelyn] hehhe.. rite rite.. thx... let me know when u wanna go buy camera k ??

Simon Seow said...

Bro, link me la. I took Zoe's butterfly too.

Roxy event huh. Yeah, I will be going, I just have to confirm with Nigel on the passes.

andrew said...

[simon] linking!! =) hehe.. cool cant wait for next week roxy event tho...