Sunday, May 25, 2008

One Night Shoot

.250508. Shooting @ Bukit Bintang

Short Note: Will be attending a MMU Graduation Night @ Bixby Pub & Lounge (Lakeview, Subang) tonite at 7.30pm. See you guyz there!!

Somewhere last 2 weeks I was kinda stressed out and bored with my revision for my finalz exam and so here I went with sandrapixie for some photoshooting. Just to share 2 photos that I like though. Enjoy...

*drawing a broken apple-shape-like heart with my phone*

*capturing tail-light in front of pavillion*

Nothing special though, just a random post before I go for football and the dinner tonight!! Have a pleasant day and a brand new week ahead people!! Take care and God bless.... =D

Stay tuned for my upcoming photos from the photoshoot with my uni friends. Chiaoz...