Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memoir Affair 08'

.250508. Memoir Affair @ Bixby Pub & Lounge(Lakeview, Subang)

Short Note: Hillsong United Concert tomorrow @ Glad Tidings PJ, 8pm. See you guyz and gurlz there!! Those going one, we gather together then go in k??? Should be there by 7pm!! Let me know if you are going ya!! =D Can't wait.. can't wait!!!

*Ahem*... If you all noticed, my ticket number is actually "0001"!!! Hahaha... Bought the first ticket from Pastor Gwen when it first arrived about a month ago!! Super excited about it then that I bought the tickets just hours after they arrived at Glad Tidings... Haha..

*ticket number "0001"*

Anyway, back to my topic, and so, it was a memoir affair indeed on Sunday when some of the final year students from MMU gathered in a privately organised gathering dinner @ Bixby. Well, just hours before I reached Bixby I was lingering around @ Mid Valley and saw this Kung Fu Panda promo at center court. I was stunned by the little kids as seen in my picture when they hit the stage with their breakdancing skills that rocked the crowd!! Cool~, I thought. Then this little "uncle panda" came on stage to join the kung fu kids... Cute...

*kung fu panda promo @ mid valley*

Brian and I reached Bixby at about 7pm before the rest joined us at about 7.30pm. The place was not bad for a crowd that is not too big and the food was simply delicious and for RM 50, I think is quite worth it if you can eat alot. Some of the main dishes (buffet style) includes grill lamb, grill chicken, grill stingry, grill sotong, grill sausage, spagetthi, fried rice, wedges, "lala", and of course there were salad bar, fruits, soup, ice kacang and drinks. Had a really "filling" night though.

Had this really unique "ice-like" door gift that will blink when you dip it into te water. Performance was rather normal and the games was a little boring (at least to me) and I feel the atmosphere wasn't really that good. However, at least we enjoyed a final gathering dinner though after our final finalz.

Next up.... Looking forward to my KK trip, as said, coming up on Thursday!! Weeeee....~

*bixby pub & lounge @ lakeview club, subang*

*looking inside with my sifu busying his stuff*

*oooo... someone left his camera on the pool table... ngek ngek*

*desperate until use marker pen to play dart*

*mini pool balls???*

*itu lah MMU!! with sher yee's scattered mini pearls*

*dinner's served!! wooooo.....*

*the unique doorgift i was talking about, comes in red and blue*

*a group shot before we chiao, vic the cameraman... sorry*

Aiyo.... gotta start packing for KK d.... Hope the rest sudah ready!! both physically, phsychologically, moneyly, and mentally!!


voch said...

I am sick bro. Not ready, huhu

andrew said...

omg.... take care ya!! will keep you in my prayers!!