Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Off Duty For One Week!!

.280508. Mount Kinabalu Expedition + Labuan Exploration (290508 - 030608)

Short Note: Hillsong United Concert tonite @ Glad Tidings PJ. See you there!!

Woooo~ The day I've been waiting for has finally arrived!! =D Gonna go "Shout To The Lord" together with Hillsong United!! Yeay!! Can't wait!! Can't wait!!

Tomorrow lagi syiok!! Will be leaving for my long-planned Mount KK expedition and Labuan exploration trip with my Uni friends. In fact, after the Hillsong concert I'll be going to my friend's house to overnight and we gotta leave for LCCT at 4am!!! *die* Gonna be super tired coz i doubt I can sleep with the excitement inside me!! haha

So *cheerz* people!!! Will be signing off from here for one week!! Till I come back again next week!! And yes, Sue, Sherry and Steph!! Will remember your "souvenirs" hahaha... and also my KSCB darlings... hahah =D Chiaoz!! Pray for a safe journey and a smooth climbing!!

Here's a photo for you all before I sign off!! Enjoy and have a pleasant week ahead!! Take care and God bless!! =D

*He is getting really ready for Mount KK!! or anyone wanna fight him?!! hahaha*

*Mount KK!! Here I come to conquer the top of you!!*


Wen said...

Wow u r going Mt Kinabalu today~ Have fun wei~~~~~~~ enjoy n Take good care of urself there ^^ see ya when u get back~

Satkuru said...

have fun man :D

andrew said...

YES!!! I've conquered Mount KK!! And I'm HOME already!!! Wooooo~