Monday, May 5, 2008

A Shooting Memory

.050508. Photoshoot @ Taman Botani, Putrajaya

It was my sifu, Brian's idea to do a photoshoot with some of our closest MMU friends for an album making before we finally bid farewell to everyone after our final FINALS... At least after 5 years of being together, going through the ups and downs from Malacca to Cyberjaya, we still get to keep something that will bring back fresh memories to us somewhere in the future when we look back at our University life's photos.

Although not everyone was able to attend the photoshoot, we still had a great time especially with Alan's trademark poses and also a "damn funny" photo taken by Vic which I will only post up later.

The 2nd and final shoot will be done only after Brian's finals, 22 May. Hopefully everyone would be able to come and have a final group shot in MMU itself.

*cameramen in action*

*our one and only "sotong" showing her ultimate pose*

*grace showing brian what she learn from america next top model*

*the girlz, feeling the heat already under the sun*

*since when take photo also got to do stretching?? girls.....*

More not so normal photos soon... be prepared! =p

2 comments: said...

Power of Your Love is my fav song! Of course I remember you-lah. Haha. I didn't know you were at MDG also! Think you were bz at the photographer's booth. Hehe.

Hope all's going on well for you. My entry on MDG is different, kinda pitiful to see everyone looking at it from the same perspective... she must have been really hurt by all those comments.

I'm going for Hillsong United, you going? Sandra roped me into it. Keep in touch.

andrew said...

hello... yea i'll be going for the hillsong united!! kuat promo in blog with sandra also.. haha.. see you then la k ??