Sunday, May 4, 2008

Welcome To "Storybook Couture"

.030505. Storybook Couture @ One Utama (New-New Wing)

Hey people!! Heard of about One U new-new wing?? Haha.. It's just the new block next to One World Hotel. Anyway, Storybook Couture is a new fashion boutique located near TGV Cinema, but one floor below (Watsons). To be exact, its opposite Seoul Garden Restaurant and in between Pick N Brew Restaurant and White Store.

They have their own designer by the name of Kelvin Tan and I think it's really worth taking a look at those pretty dresses especially for girls coz no guyz clothes one. ><>

Their thoughts... "No, we don't sell books. We let you mix and match. We let you tell your stories. It can be a pink day, a green day, a yellow day or a black day. You decide, it's your playground. Your ideas are limitless, so are our clothes. So come find us, there's plenty of tales to weave."

Abit sad with those photos though coz I think I didn't shoot well. So sorry.. Noob photos but pretty dresses ya =D

*welcome to storybook couture, exciting experiences await*




*cute kan?*

*this is your new dream place to shop girlz!*


burberryvuitton said...

Thanks for the info ! Any idea what is the email address of STORYBOOK COUTURE' ? I'd like to contact them for promotional activities.

wickedqueen said...

hi burberry vuitton,

you can contact me at

we are managing storybook couture now.