Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dinner at My Elephant

.290608. Dinner @ My Elephant, PJ Section 17

Short-Note: Gonna start work in 9 hours time!! LOL... tidorzzz.....

Just came home from a gathering dinner organised by Rachel at her friend's restaurant. It was Thai food and it is a highly recommended place to makan dinner if you are looking for Thai delicacy. It is located just a block away from Food Foundry and Six-to-Ten Nasi Lemak restaurants if you need landmarks.

Anyway, it's quite a cozy place to hang out as well and a good place for gathering or celebrations! And here's the place and we were there!

*recommended place for Thai Food!!*

*it has quite a cozy environment for dinner*

*here's simon with maple, forgive me if i spell wrongly ya*

*my colleague vs my coursemate*

*little girl karena aka karipap or just KARI*

*rachel da boss and sandra da pixie*

*yes!! we are having a good dinner!!*

*banana leaf served on a plate*

*a sneak peek of our food!! LOL*

Stay tune to see what we ate tomorrow!! Really delicious punya food lor!! LOL...


Jessielicious said...

*poke*how's work? i can't open ur chatbox on the side at all ad la....thurs jom pergi dinner/supper @ dinner&supper?my phone spoil spoil dei la (i think kena virus) so i can't sms u u go my blog tell me oso can la....=)

Alice Teh said...

Adik Karena why look so sad one?...

andrew said...

[jessie] ok kwa!! charmz... cant report for worship practise addy!! abit saddening lo.. =( must pray for better arrangements of time in the future d!! cant miss my fridays and sundays church time... [alice] lol.. dunno her leh!! haha =D