Sunday, June 29, 2008

MMU Friends at Friendster

.280608. Yum Cha Session @ Friendster Cafe, Sunway Pyramid

Nonsense aside... LOL... Was having a "yum cha" session last night at Friendster Cafe with a few of my regular ex-Uni-mates. Everyone was busy working already and I thought it would be nice to catch up with them at least twice a month in a "yum cha/jao" session somewhere. Next up will be a BBQ session @ Johnyee's new apartment in Puchong.

We had a great time of chit chatting last night. For those who are already in Penang or somewhere else. Sorry la ya!! Hope to catch up with you guyz soon!! =D

Here are some photos of us yesterday!

*my gay partner back in Cyberia then*

*the most loving couple I've known!! LOL.. right??*

*my bestie broda!! and jelly also known as babi.. ROFL*

*ini queen of pervertism!! LOL.. with her innocent yeejen!!*

*this is lenglui sherpie!!! haha.. always whack ppl wan*

*a group shot before leaving.. as usual.. see you guyz soon!!*

Just before I move on to some of my long lost post!! LOL... Here's a photo for thoughts!! Have a blessed week ahead and God bless!!

*do you have someone to direct your path in life??*

Short-Note: Owh o!! Gonna start work tomorrow @ Pico International (M) Sdn Bhd!! Wish me luck and pray for me ya!! =) Till then... Blessed week ahead people!! Take care and God bless!! *cheerz*


Keith said...

Fun blog. Looks like you breally know how to have a lively gathering. I should keedp my camera more often. Thanbx for the report.

sotong said...

babi.. no wait me :( dump me alone in penang:(

andrew said...

[keith] hahah!! lol... thanks... [sotong] lol!! not dump you aso... u sendiri go wan!! hahah =D

Aiyoman said...

sob sob

andrew said...

[aiyoman] lol!! dun sob la.. hehehee

voch said...

I miss this too, sob sob*