Friday, June 6, 2008

Expedisi Kota Kinabalu Part Ke-2

.290508. KK Expedition Day 1 Continues...

And so... After I kena punked singing "Words" at KDCA, we left and headed to the Kadazan Cultural Village itself also known as Monsopiad Cultural Village where Monsopiad stands for the brave warrior that protects the village from intruders or "orang jahat" (bad people). Basically we get to see all the various kinds of cultural activities that they do and the beautiful cultural items that they own. From rice-wine to weapons and all sorts of cultural heritage that the Kadazan people own from one generation to the other, all the way down till today. This is a tourist spot that would attract those who love heritage stuffs and histories.

*the red-devil freaks stormed into the village*

*lotsa greenery in the village which I don't get it in KL*

*ONLY 6-at-a-time bridge*

*our guide explaining how "Monsopiad" dries the blood of the enemy's chopped head*

*showing us how rice is being processed*

*how rice-wine is being processed*

*why daniel standing there?? aim him first!!*

*by the time i raise the "stick" i kena attack d*

*playing gong in one of the heritage houses*

*playing with this yucky termite again!!*

*yummy!! you guyz must try the ULAT PUTUT!!! its SWEET!!*

*boring la... letz go shoot shoot*

*bought our climbing shoe a.k.a ADIDAS KAMPUNG @ Pasar Besar Kota Kinabalu*

*itz gettin late guyz... time to rest for tomorrow's big big day!!*

After getting our adidas kampung climbing shoe (for RM6 only), we got back to our "hotel" and wash up abit before he went for a quick dinner at some "big fry" restaurant. Few of us went back to the hotel to rest and sleep while few others went to the Filipino Market to grab some bananas for tomorrow's Mount Kinabalu expedition.
One more note: Sabah cilipadi - best!

*guess you all know what's behind the clouds rite??*

*mount kinabalu!! here I come!!!*

Short-Note: Will be going for ROXY SUMMER SPLASH tomorrow (07/06/08) @ Sunway Lagoon!! See you guyz there ya!


voch said...

Damn i want the pic of me eating butod.. lol and i like all the sky pics bro :)

eunice said...

wow, how was KK? :p

BeverLy's Secret said...

The last 3 photos are....

SUPER marvelous~~

andrew said...

[beverly] haha... you are flatterin me again... =D more to come ya!! [eunice] KK was super cool!! if you havent, u must seriously go one day!! my next adventure should be diving!! =D [vic] haha... ok ok.. will send to you!! =D or u just copy from me lo... =D

my life in China said...

Yup I ddid this stuuff to a week ago.(i am in china)