Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kota Kinabalu Expedition Begins...

.290508. Day 1 @ Kota Kinabalu

As written in my previous post, I was away for 6 days for my first ever Mount Kinabalu Expedition (though I'm not sure if there's a second time) with my 10 other unimates. All of us left for LCCT at about 4.15 am since our flight was 6.50am. In the midst of our excitement, there's still a question that kept haunting us, "Are we seriously ready for the climb??" (not applicable to Melvyn though)

*first 3: vic, myself and (melvyn the steady one)*

*partner 4 & 5: sher and jyhyian*

*adventurer nombor 6 a.k.a my sifu: brian*

*trio 7, 8, and 9: greyfish, aiyoman & sotong*

*man utd freak 10 and 11: jon & daniel (with me)*

*and so my back pack weighs as above!!*

*cantik kan the view outside??? love it!*

And so our plane departed quite punctually at 6.50am and KK, HERE WE COME!!! The plane was rather full as we were one of the last group to move in and the best part is a stranger sat next to me was wearing a red Man Utd jacket!!! Wooooo~ *cheerz* to Man Utd for a superb season again with a double!! Reached KK at about 9am and straight checked-in into this backpacker stay called "Borneo Adventure Centre & Lodge", (quite a cool place to stay though), after which we then headed to KDCA (some cultural place) to witness the pre-celebration of the Kadazan Harvest Festival (the actual day was the next day).

We makaned our first meal there, we walked around and see the cultural heritage of the Kadazan people. The setting was pretty, weather was great (freaking hot) and we managed to spot some beautiful people doing their cultural activities such as doing handicrafts, playing musical instruments and the best part is we saw this kids playing with some worm which they called "ulat putut" found in those huge sago tree trunk. My dad say is termite queen and it was edible. *yucks*

*this is KK town*

*Our first stop @ Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association*

*woooo.... hungry nyer!!*

*this is my first meal in Sabah*

*jom makan sama sama!!*

*some big gong attached to the KDCA wall*

*a group photo of course @ KDCA*

*ehh... wait la, dun walk so fast up there!*

*this is KDCA. Nice kan?*

*let me hide first! - climbing stairs under the scorching sun*

*spot this lil girl playing with that yucky "ulat putut"*

*a photo of us together with the talented musician kids*

Guess what?? Just as I was busy taking photos, suddenly kena PUNKED by my bunch of kawanz!! *grinzz* Was asked by one of the event people to perform a song for the public when I turned around to join my friends for a rest. *aiksss* I was like, WTH??? So there I go choosing song from this songbook and finally made up my mind to sing "Words" by Bee Gees. And of course, later JyhYian also kena punked by singing "Hey Jude" by the Beatles.

*me @ KDCA kena punked!!*

I think that's all for Part 1 - Day 1. Stay tuned for Part 2 - Day 1 very soon. *cheerz* people!!


jyhyian said...

Yea.. kena punked... BY JON!. that stupid centipede..

BeverLy's Secret said...

Your trip seems fun and adventurous...

Can I join you next time?

Sandra Pixie said...

i saw Man Utd Jersy *scream* =P
Very nice picture on your trip! cant wait to see more! WAH! how come u sing ? :P what song LOL! Brian memang gila take picture lar! :P

andrew said...

[jyhyian] haha... i paling buta la kena punked!! [beverly] haha..yea.. fun and adventurous... you aso got alot of fun activities ma... i also wanna join u .. haha =D [sandra] what song?? never read nih!!

Apek said...

it's butut not putut la....

voch said...

its butod la apek. u're wrong too. hahahaha

Jiok said...

ala BUTOH la!

nice man....i look damn nice in ur camera.

andrew said...

[apek, voch, jiok] haha... just as i thought when apek and voch was rite... jiok's was the best answer!!! hahaa ROFL wehh.... anywayz.. is memang u look gaya ma.. =D

Jiok said...

damn..thanks man. gaya mutu keunggulan...

come to think of it they makan butoh hahahahaha