Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Full Moon Baby Zach!!

.220608. Zach Yap Full Moon Celebration @ Leong Ya Restaurant, Serdang

Just came home from yum cha with UncleJosh and Peiman, but before that was the celebration of baby zach. Thanks James for inviting the football kakis to his son's full moon celebration @ Leong Ya Restaurant at Serdang/Sri Kembangan/The Mines there... Famous for its paper-wrapped chicken or better known as "ji bao kai".

Happy full moon to baby zach!!

*very de cute baby zach*

*happy parents of zach*

*the famous paper-wrapped chicken*

*and of coz... a group shot of the football kakis!!*

Just a short Sunday post though. Next up, find out why smashpOp so happy down there with his sony!! haha..

*itu smashpOp with karena and simon background*

We were at blogger's tea gathering @ Bangsar Village Fest, by Advertlets!!


zewt said...

ahhhh... missed it... got my own bday dinner to attend.

Sandra Pixie said...

baby very cute :)

andrew said...

[zewt] omg!! tucker.. happy birthday!! lol [sandra] yea.. damn cute kan??? lol