Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cat Got Your Tongue #3 Pt 2

.190608. More Fun @ Heritage Mansion

Short-Note: Blogger's Tea Gathering @ Bangsar Village at 3pm. Wild "Live" Blogging event @ Modesto's Desa Sri Hartamas at 6pm. See you people there!! =D

Woke up damn early la despite sleeping at 4am+. So decided to continue my CGYT post.

Like I said, whenever you see DavidLai you'll see him entertaining people with his freaking tricks!! And there was this game called "suck-and-blow with a touch-n-go". How rhythmic the title of the games go. I'm pretty sure that most of us has seen this game before but just, not with a touch-n-go card of course. It's usually played with poker cards. And the girls were really really good in this game, just that I don't understand why our 2 guys couldn't do it. hahaha =D

Later, I got punked by RandyKhoo with his card tricks. Damn amazing lor which i still cannot figure out yet how he and also david did that. Haha... The dance floor was then packed with people as they enjoy a round of a dance after the chats and magics.

Here's the rest that I met and the fun that i mentioned.

*david freaking people out with his spoon bending*

*best kan?? amanda and peiman enjoying the game*

*losers get to drink this!! damn nice... i should have played =D*

*randy in action, simon in amazement*

*good to see you again, storybook couture boutique co-owner*

*hello binbin and ren!!*

*plz dun tipu little kids anymore ya!*

*somehow, my related junior!! haha*

*missing in action punya copykate*

*jenn having fun blowing bubbles*

*why cool? he got his name tattooed nicely on his hand!!*

*datz all for now!! can't wait for the next gathering!*


voch said...

I know why you wanna play the game.. nassty hahah

Randy Khoo said...

Hahaha.. Mana ada tipu.. lol..
Next time i show you more powerful stuff... lol...

Anonymous said...

Ren n bin bin =..=
ppl will tot i'm bin bin in tat pic coz of the name u put there

andrew said...

[voch] damn nice game kan?? haha [randy] haha. can't wait for the next one... hehee [ren] sorry ler... aduh... didnt know how to spell ma

Simon Seow said...

Because us guys really suck, on the other hand the girls are just balancing the card by tilting their head backwards. How to suck from them like that? Anti-gravity woi.

andrew said...

[simon] haha.. you're talking about amanda izzit?? lol!!

andrew said...

[simon] haha.. you're talking about amanda izzit?? lol!!