Saturday, June 28, 2008

Have You Ever ??


Short-Note: Friendster Cafe @ Sunway Pyramid tonite!! Anyone??

LOL... It's getting a little more random than before and here's a photo taken somewhere very high above the sky!! Any guess??

*when you find yourself trapped hopelessly someday, God will make a way!*

Have you ever, at a point of your life, come into a dead end when you are completely hopeless and helpless?

Have you ever, in the midst of your happiness, feel sorrow deep inside your heart?

Cheers people and have a good day ahead!!


Jessielicious said...

swt...dun emo la u.make me emo-er oni la...But I know everything will b ok 1 la in da end...God is wif us mar rite?c u in church tmw la...

Alice Teh said...

You bet, Andrew. Many times and during those times, God never fails to come through.

Cheers and God bless!

curryegg said...

Hi andrew.. Thank for visiting my blog. Haha.. I'm glad to hear from you. You've been to Nuffnang Wild Blogging Gathering? Sorry.. I didn't realize you're there.
Btw, I guess you love photography a lot.. as much as I do! Ahww..


andrew said...

[jessie] no ar!! mana ada emo?? LOL [alice] ahaha... yea yea..! cheerz alice!! hehehe... [curryegg] haha.. its ok! no prob... *cheerz* to photography!! LOL hahaha.. keep intouch then..