Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Made Of Honour Screening

.170608. Advertlets Movie Screening @ One-U TGV

Today is my sifu's birthday aka Brian!! So gotta wish him Happy 23rd Birthday!!

I was thinking of which photos to put, Made Of Honour Movie Screening vs KK Trip. Finally, I decided on the just concluded event about few hours ago. Thanks to JoshLim and team who organised the event and thanks UncleJosh for inviting! It was a gathering once again for the blogsphere people and I have to say the movie 'Made of Honour' is really very nice! I'll rate it A.

*nice movie for couples or wanna-be couples*

*bloggers exchanging thoughts, friends exchanging laughters*

*joshua seems to be the "in" name*

*from left: sonia, me, rach, grace, waiseng, gary, sandra, benghan*

*met this 2 guyz just yesterday at LO point, tonight again! sienz...*

*thx unclejoshie for inviting us!!*

*meet this small girl!! she's babykrinaxxx*

*the one and only susu segar!! =D*

*photo taken by unclejoshie*

After the movie I went to Hartamas Square for my dinner. Super hungry!! Then I get to meet a few more people. It was quite a nice chill out place and seriously, it was my first time there! =D Finally get to meet this adventurous punya girl, RasAngela, who suddenly, I claimed to be my mentor coz she gave me really wonderful advice and also informations! haha.. Then, it was time to balik to rush for Italy vs France match!

*lovely couple kan?*

*nice meeting you all*

*we share the same surname though! thx again for your sharing session*

*i was super hungry, so i ordered this!! its delicious!!*

Next up should be Manukan Beach photos!! =D


joshuaongys said...

lolz i've been substituted roflmao!! hahha

andrew said...

haha... yea wor..!