Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fun At Manukan Beach!!

.010608. KK Trip Day 4 Pt 3 @ Manukan Beach

Made of Honour done and I was deciding again on Manukan Beach vs Gasoline, Lookout Point!! Hahaha.. Too much photos from KK Trip already so i better update some first. And so, we were off to Manukan Beach which is just 15 minutes away from Mamutik Beach. Manukan Beach is supposingly famous for the longest beach. There were many people there and the amount of JELLYFISH!! is just as much!! haha =D

So, we didnt snokerl but ventured into some WaterSports!! Jon, our negotiator, talked to the "fella" and managed to get good price for both Banana Boat ride and also ParaSailing. Believe it or not it was my first experience in both sports!! And it was really really expensive!!

Anyway, let the fun begin!!

*reached manukan beach @ +- 12.30pm?*

*thank God for the good good weather!!*

*something caught chungsik's aka aiyoman attention*

*OMG!! I didnt know banana boat in the middle of the sea wan!!*

*don care la!! die die la!! just do it!!*

*and we were off!!! weeeeee... damn nice kan?*

*omg!! got shark!!! how????*

*once again!! the water damn crystal clear lo!!*

*curi this go snokerl can?*

*more fun and exciting action coming up!!*

Guess what's coming up next??? more fun and more food!! =D

Short-Note: Cat Got Your Tongue #3 tomorrow @ Heritage Mansion. Happening at 10pm onwards!! See you people there!! =D


BeverLy's Secret said...

So much fun! I can't wait for the next big thing from you~~

chai leng said...

hi. you've got pretty nice pictures on your blog. keep it up! =)

voch said...

Fishes aka JELLY fishes! the pics.. when wanna share to me lar

andrew said...

[beverly] hahaha... cant wait for yours to... [chaileng] thanks alot ya!! =D [voch] owhh... errr.. when u free??