Monday, June 9, 2008

Mount Kinabalu Climb Begins....

.300508. Mount Kinabalu Climbing Day 1

Alright... Celebrations aside and back to my KK Expedition. And so, the day has finally arrived!! It was the 2nd day of my trip and we woke up at about 3.30am in the morning and left our backpackers hotel at about 4am to Mesilau (The longer route to Laban Rata, midway to the peak). We stopped by at Kundasang for a short while coz the drivers were hungry and the rest of us shared cups of Milo. Once again we asked ourselves, "are we seriously ready for the climb???"

*took this photo on my way to Mesilau, nice kan?*

We reached Mesilau at about 7.30am and after collecting our passes and a short briefing from our guides, we then started "the climb of our life" at about 8.00am. Just as excited as we were, we started off well and shouted along our way up but it lasted only for like the first 100 metres and then beyond the fades of our shouts, we can then only hear the sound of the nature and also our fast-paced breath. We were so excited when we reached the first signboard written "0.5km". I was like WTH?? and OMG!! We walked for so long and it's only 500 metres from the starting point. From then on, we knew that it was not going to be easy. It's going to be a hard, tough and difficult.

*just reached Mesilau, super excited + happy + full of energy*

*it was a bright and sunny day, Praise the Lord*

*the girls LOOKED ready*

*the guyz ARE ready!!

*take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints*

*let the journey begin!!*

*YES!!! KM 0.5 liao!!*

*so fast tired d and sapu'ing YOKO-YOKO*

*somewhere along the way we found this bridge!*

*OMG!! How many more of this???? It's like never ending wan!!*

We were told that the Mesilau route offers an awesome view @ KM 5 and we were so desperate to reach there as soon as possible. At KM 3, believe me, we were like half dead. haha.. When we finally reached KM 5, I tell you, every single step and drops of sweat is just so worth it!! The view was simply awesome and fantastic!! Even my photos can tell how awesome it is except if you go and witness it yourself!!

*Woooo!! Finally at KM 5!!*

*damn nice view kan?*

*background view @ KM 5*

*i told myself..... long way more... 3 KM lagi*

Another 3 KM to go and I brace myself all the way and finally I reached this place called Laban Rata together with Daniel at about 5.00pm. We were so super tired and super hungry and the best part was my guide has not arrived and the registeration staff told me that I cannot register first. Worst still, I cannot eat the food yet that lay in the restaurant before my eyes!! OMG.. I told Daniel, "Let's get some crackers or biscuit"!! I was shocked when the lady cashier told me that one can of Mister Potato cost RM 15 and a bottle of 1.5L mineral water cost RM 10. I told Daniel I rather die starving then. haha...

*view from laban rata a.k.a midhill*

*it was 9.3 degree celcius that evening*

*banyak orang jugak that day!*

*omg!!! Fooooooodddd!!*

*kesian daniel la... our casualty =p*

Finally I got to eat at about 5.30pm when my guide reached together with a few of my friends and without mercy, we attached the buffet bar!! =D Ate as if we haven't eaten for days!! The view was splendid and after snapping a few photos I couldn't help myself but to get changed and then wait for the rest to reach. Unfortunately Daniel suffered a minor leg cramp and KweiYee a.k.a dailou had a high fever that day. We took good care of KweiYee then before going to sleep and we had to have enough rest before waking up at 1.30am the next morning to continue our climb to the PEAK!!


*am i not dreaming?? am i?*

And so...... The best has yet to come!! Next will be my journey to the TOP!!! Mount Kinabalu's PEAK!!!!


Anonymous said...

luckily u didnt take any pic when i was half dead.. haha..
waiting to see more photoz dude..


andrew said...

hahaha.... orites... coming up!!