Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Top Of Malaysia!!

.310508. Mount Kinabalu Low's Peak

Not going to write much tonight coz am down with a slight fever, bad flu and sorethroat. Haihh~ Anywayz, here are some photos of my journey to the peak of Mount Kinabalu.

I almost gave up halfway with just 700 metres left! So, you can imagine how tough it was!! But... Thank God, despite being the one who almost gave up, I was first to reach the peak among my group of kawanz!! hahaha.. Thanks guyz for cheering me up all the way!! (Photos without watermark is taken by voch.wordpress.com =D)

*just before the sunrise at the other end*

*the view is simply magnificient*

*sun is getting up, gotta go faster*

*you must be there to experience the beauty yourself*

*super nice kan?*

*how long more?? =(*

*weeee.... another 0.5 km*

*can we just stop here and enjoy the view??*

*my turning point of challenge*

*yeay!!! I've made it to the top!!!*

*what a huge achievement for all of us!!*

*i promised myself to come here again in the near future!!*

And so.... I've already conquered the highest mountain in South East Asia and my next plan should be diving into the bottom of the sea!!

Alrighty, am going to get some rest now and hopefully will recover from my sickness tomorrow... Next update will be *secret* =p


Simon Seow said...

I don't think I would have enough stamina to go up there. Lack of exercise.

andrew said...

[simon] hahaha... can geh!! =D

zewt said...

sigh... could have been there. but had to give it a miss as my mom passed away 1 week before the trip.

andrew said...

[zewt] sorry bro to remind you of it!! =( can always go again!!

Johnny Ong said...

really awesome sight up there. and i'm surprised with the number of climbers seen in yr pic.

i have conquered the underwater world many times. now it's the mountains for me ........ hehe