Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Are You Ready For PC Fair?

.307008. Live Blogging From Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre...

It's already 10pm ++ and I'm still sitting here by the convention centre's service counter while the contractors are busy building up the special design booths for the upcoming PC Fair! Am waiting for 11pm and I can leave for home and since I have time I thought of a live blogging again!! hehehe...

Good news to IT Gadgets Freaks, PC Fair is happening this Friday till Sunday from 10.15am - 9.00pm. Prepare yourself to be stunned by the Hi-Teched gigantically built booths. There will also be one double deck booth located at the ballroom. Ain't gonna tell you what company are those. Come this Friday to find our yourself and carry home some stuffs since its Megasale Season! Am gonna get myself a 500G external hard disk for about, say rm250?? Weee..

So, are you ready for PC Fair?

*taken from an open area at level 3 in convention centre*

*saw alot of these species around today even in the halls*

*there's just too many of them roaming everywhere*

*setting up of the booths, ooopss!! sorry bout the PF, its PC FAIR!*

Short-Note: Anyone going for MYFM 10th year anniversary at genting highlands next month??


Alice Teh said...

Ahhhh yes... I see a lot of those huge moths when I was still working Petronas Twin Towers (Tower 2). :)

Jimmy said...

halo! i spotted something. isn't it supposed to be 'PC' fair instead of 'PF'? at the last pic. hehe. btw, i'm jitming if u remember me, from MBS.

Anonymous said...

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