Monday, July 28, 2008

Chelsea Stars In Action

.280708. Chelsea Official Training Session @ Shah Alam Stadium

Am not a fan of Chelsea but a fan of football and also a few England players in Chelsea. Namely, John Terry and Frank Lampard. But of course, I also do admire the world class saves of Peter Cech. Anyway, thanks Robb and Nuffnang for the invited admission pass! Thanks Sandrapixie for pinjaming me her 80-200lens with Nikon D100 for zoomed photos! LOL

Was with Victor, Kenny and 2 other friends. Saw Jane, Steph and their friend as well as Karena and her friend.

*probably once in a lifetime thingy*

*notice me not in chelsea jersey but wearing a Lampard England jersey*

*then i met her!! who else but the brilliant malaysian idol jac*

*ini dia another digi army recruit*

*2 self claimed princesses.. LOL*

*BigPhil giving instructions after their warm up*

*4 of the star studded Chelsea that came to Malaysia*

*training begins and action breaks away*

Malaysia Selection vs Chelsea live in Stadium Shah Alam tomorrow @ 8.45pm!! Who is going to win??? *support your local team* ok??? LOL


Anonymous said...

ooooi! i was there too! didn't see any nuffies thougghh. hm.

Simon Seow said...

Seems like I've been missing events this month.

Alice Teh said...

Woooo... looks like fun! And Jac! woot!

voch said...

Danng, nice laa..where's ma pixies??
I wan Jaq's hahaahaa

eunice said...

Wow, u met Jac, she's my idol! :p