Friday, July 4, 2008

.030608. KK Trip Day 5-6 @ Labuan

*remember this scene?? LOL.. where i left off*

Woooot~ Back to my long lost but not forgotten KK Trip post!! Hehehe... I'm finally here to the last day of my trip though. Or maybe the 2nd last and the last.

Final destination was none other than Labuan!!

*land of duty freeeeeessss*

*arrival hall at labuan jetty*

*this is what you get in islands!!*

*temptations you can't resist coz itz cheaper than your mineral water*

Land of seafood and land of duty free!! There's nothing much you can do in duty free islands like langkawi or labuan!! So what we do?? You guyz figure it out!!


voch said...

Damn bad weyy.. Bring beer to memorial park. Sungguh tak hormat our para-para heroes hahahhaha

andrew said...

[voch] lol!! sorry loooo.... hahaha.... they aso like to drink de ma.. last time...