Saturday, July 5, 2008

Red Box "Live" Blogging

.050708. Live Blogging @ Sunway Red Box

Live blogging from Yen's birthday celebration and Ren's farewell from Sunway Red Box. LOL...

This should be my last updates on my KK Trip. First we bought some souvenirs home from Duty Free shops and then we headed to the World War II Memorial Garden where all the tombs of the past soldiers were all fitted in , perfectly arranged. We also went to the Marine Museum to see various kinds of fishes and then ate lunch in KFC (with Smirnoff to add into our cokes) haha..

3 more hours left and we played a few games of pool in Labuan before we went on to the beach to finish up the remaining Smirnoff!! Melvyn was the lead drinker with Daniel and Aiyoman as his left and right hand man. LOL... Finally, it was time to bid goodbye to Labuan and also the end of our 6 days KK expedition and Labuan Exploration. Can't wait to climb Mount Kinabalu again. But for now, my next adventure should be diving. Perhaps, somewhere during the year end!! WWEEEEE.... SIPADAN DIVE IS NEXT!

Enjoy picturezz....

*sign of respect to our unsung heroes!!*

*world war II memorial @ labuan*

*rest in peace and rejoice in heaven!*

*damn nice lo the memorial place!! perfect weather too*

*a group shot @ memorial of coz before leaving*

*hello yellow fish!! LOL* @ labuan marine museum*

*dats what u do in labuan, alchohol anytime anywhere*

*everyone's fighting for the last ball though!!*

*lostness, hopeless and helpless*

*dats all from my KK trip!! this is labuan international airport!!*

Posted this up @ Starbucks Coffee Taipain with Ren, Yen, Sue, Zoe, Stephie, Karena and Sherry. Tomorrow is the last day for Malaysia International Dive Expo which also mark the closing of my first "exhibition handling". Weeee~


Jiok said...

wah is that a rifle near the swing?

andrew said...

[jiok] lol!! looks like it la... hahaha