Monday, July 14, 2008

Family Thai Dinner

.130708. Thai Dinner @ My Elephant

Like I mentioned yesterday, was with my family @ My Elephant Restaurant in PJ, Section 17. Thanks to Rachel who made the reservation for me, got my table at about 8.10pm. The crowd was crazy and there's still people waiting even till 8.45pm.

Anyway, ordered some of the same dish as before but the signature Snow Fish was already sold out. Abit sad loo... But got another good replacement though.

Here's the menu...

*here are my family members, eldest sis in Singapore though!!*

*ordered this specially for my grandma coz she couldnt makan pedas, delicious tho*

*my personal favourite dish there!!*

*my sis love this dish!! in fact, it was really really sedap lo*

*applause for this fine fried squid!! grandma loved it tho*

*only my dad managed to finish his bowl of SUPER SPICY TOM YUM SEAFOOD SOUP*

*this one my sis favourite again!! basically anything to do with prawns*

*tada!! presenting you with the dish of the night!!*

My next trip to this restaurant will be in a week or 2 time with my church's cell members!! =D hahaa... I'm so lovin it!!

Short-Note: Will be in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) tomorrow onwards till Sunday!! Anyone nearby call me for lunch k?? LOL!!!