Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Live Blogging at Steven's Corner

.230708. Live Blogging from Pandan Indah Steven's Corner!

What a super long day today. Work from 9am - 7pm then dinner with dad at The Steamboat, Desa Parkcity from 7pm - 8pm then went for worship practise at SIBKL church from 8pm - 10.30pm then NOW am at Steven's Corner with some mysterious people. LOL!! Okay okay.. That's all for now!! Updates laters!!

*photo taken by my kawan!! LOL*


samantha said...

woot~ live blogging pulak. :)

btw, is there such thing called coke zero??

Alice Teh said...

You are so the hardworking. :p

zewt said...

you always seem to be able to blog almost everywhere eh?

andrew said...

[samantha] there is!! haha [alice] no la... where got [zewt] of coz!! aha.

babychyu said...

eh? which steven corner?
pandan indah ??

e s t a n c u s said...

as i said.. DAM HAPPENING! lol

something about this pic that strikes a chord! hehe