Thursday, July 24, 2008

Beat The System

.240708. Vote for "BEAT THE SYSTEM" band!!

Had a pretty busy work in office today though as KL and JB PC Fair is approaching soon. Specifically, next weekend. Just then, I was in church for some media and program manager training till about 9+ and came home.

Was invited by my friend today to myFM 10th Anniversary @ Genting next month. I'm expected to shoot and blog about it with an all access pass coming along the way! weee... too bad smashpop nor shaolintiger can join me due to their busy schedules.

Anyway, here's today's main topic!! My friend Lenard is currently with a band called beat the system. They will be at discovery stage @ Cineleisure on the 2nd of August! I'm telling you that they are a bunch of really cool musicians!! =D

There’s an online portion to the competition and the band with the highest number of votes online will be crowned winner. So yes, beat the system needs you!! If you havent heard any of their tracks yet, you can search them on facebook at “beathesystem” or just go to to hear our songs. here’s the link for voting

*what are you waitin?? VOTE FOR BEAT THE SYSTEM!*

That's all for now. Another long day tomorrow at work. Time to sleep luu... Nites everybody!! =D