Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Meet The Bloggerz

.070708. Nuffnang Movie Screening @ Cineleisure Pt 2

Baru eje came home from badminton with ShaolinTiger and NicholasChay... Anyways, continue from yesterday ya.. Met these leng chai leng lui there!! We had dinner in Kim Gary and the set meal was rather worth the money lo!! Eat bao bao...

*chicken chop + sausage + ham + fries + egg + vege*

*we met up for dinner around 6.30pm*

*they joined in halfway*

*and so they were there!! THANKS SHAUN AGAIN!! LOL*

*nuffnang leng chai PR mr robb!!*

Anyway, work in Pico International is starting to get a little more fun and interesting as well as challenging!! Am starting off projects on my own and gonna start to meet lotsa lotsa people and handle lotsa lotsa big events and exhibitions!! LOL!!

More updates tomorrow....


Harry said...


sigh.. sorry for not greeting u at the hancock screening.. wanted to.. but u know.. andrew is a busy man..


was able to greet karena and kenny only..

joshuaongys said...

nice nice!!

andrew said...

[harry] LOL... wan say like dat meh??? hahah =D there's always next time tho... LOL... =D [joshuaongys] haha.. whats' nice ?? LOL.... more photos coming up... =p

Anonymous said...

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