Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Let's Feast!! =D

.090708. Thai Food @ Elephant, Section 17 PJ

Had a great day in office today!! Let's get back to my Thai dinner @ Elephant Restaurant.

Here's the menu...

*jz kiddin... this one not edible*

*this is called "Gaeng Keow Wan" - green curry with chicken*

*the rice is damn nice lo!! LOL... =D*

*"Yum Woon Sen" - glass noodle with assorted seafood*

*"Goong Tod Geaow Mung Gorn" - deep fried prawn with mayo n dragon fruit"

*best seller! - salt baked fish with elephant signature green chilli sauce*

*everybody makan!!*

Actually got more dish de.. but didnt upload ni.. LOL... soup, sotong and one more... And I especially like the "pandan cooler" drink!! DAMN NICE LOR!! must plan for a trip there again!! makan thailand famous mango glutinous rice dessert.

Anyone wanna go?? LOL


BeverLy's Secret said...

tempting post!!! That reminds me not to forget dinning in Thai restaurant this week!!!

Thai foods rock~~~

andrew said...

[beverly] haha.. LOL... what a coincidence... bon appetite then!! =D

Alice Teh said...

Looking all these yummy food pics make me hungry...

andrew said...

[aliceteh] LOL... sorry... didnt mean to though... ahaha

Simon Seow said...

I have yet to try this place. Sigh.

andrew said...

[simon] go try lo... haha