Monday, July 21, 2008

Midnight'ing at KLCC

.210708. MIJF 08 Teardown @ KLCC Hall 4&5

It's now 1.15am and I'm live blogging from Hall 4&5 of KL Convention Centre. Pico staffs is currently loading up all the stuffs into the lorries and am waiting patiently and restlessly for them to clear up the entire hall so that I can proceed on to "handover" the hall back to KLCC management. That's the kind of job that I'm doing now though. Kinda interesting, challenging, tiring but fun! At least, to me. As long as you enjoy doing something or try making yourself enjoy it, anything would be fine! =D LOL...

Updates updates soon soon!! Nites people!! Have a blessed week ahead!! Malaysia International Jewellery Fair over already and I'm waiting for my next project which will be Pikom PC Fair at KL Convention Centre as well!!


Alice Teh said...

Interesting, challenging, tiring and fun jobs are the best! I like! :D