Monday, July 21, 2008

MIJF 2008

.15-20 July 2008. Malaysia International Jewellery Fair @ KLCC Hall 4 & 5

Just came back from a simple dinner with MaySzin, ShinLu, Corinna and EeChing @ Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MAYZ!! Wishing you a blessed birthday and many colourful years ahead!!

I basically spent the whole of my last week (6days) in KL Convention Centre for work purpose. It was my first time handling an exhibition in KLCC though after my first project was done in PWTC. Although my job may sound a little tiring or boring, but I did enjoy myself the whole week there getting to learn alot of protocols, human behaviour and also getting to know more people. Yesterday I stayed back till about 2.45am for the handover of the hall back to KLCC management and reached home and slept about 3.30am. (So, today work halfday only lo)

Am looking forward to my next project which will be KL PC Fair II @ KLCC. A total of 8 halls will be used and I'm sure it will be one of the busiest project that I'm going to handle.

Here's some snapshots if you've missed the Jewellery Fair...

*my one week of working place*

*free massage for VIPS only*

*like i mentioned above.. LOL*

*response was quite good despite of the current economy*

*free jewellery cleaning provided*

*damn cute lo this piece of artwork*

*do you have one??*

*this is one of the many fine jades showcased*

*classy watch by OMEGA*

*this goods came all the way from china*

*this one is from Sri Lanka*

That's all from MIJF 2008. Sex and the City special screening by Star tomorrow at GSC Signature (The Gardens). Will update on Hennessy Artistry soon. Time to go watch some movies that I just bought!! Kung Fu hip hop or 21 leh?? Nitez..


Alice Teh said...

I wish I have more interest in jewellery but I don't. I like the pics though. :)