Sunday, July 6, 2008

Random photos

.060708. Photography = Emo + Enjoy

Short-Note: Nuffnang Hancock Screening tomorrow 9.30pm @ Cineleisure Damansara!! See you people there!! LOL... Thanks Shaun for inviting me!! Great surprise!! =)

Just came home from PWTC not long ago after the closing of the Dive Expo and pack up. It marked my 7th day of work, exactly one week. Fuuhhhh~ So far so good!! Can't wait to get back to office tomorrow!! LOL

Wanna watch Roger Federrer vs Rafael Nadal, Wimbledon Finals (rain delay now). Enjoy photos dulu!! This photos was taken sometime ago in Uni.

*i used to play the guitar in uni when im down and out.. LOL*

*never fail to cherish anything before its too late*

*lay your burden in God's hand and everything will be fine*

Gonna enjoy tomoro @ Cineleisure watching Hancock!! yeay..


Fernando C. Zamora said...

hi bro, care for an xlink? let me know pla. thanks