Friday, August 1, 2008

PC FAIR II is Here!!


PC Fair is happening today from 11am - 9pm!! See you there!!



joshuaongys said...

rest more la bro..

Anonymous said...

Dear friend ,
Love Disappeared in Gaza . 22 days The Israeli army , one of the strongest in the world , is fighting children and women and elderly . It is shame to that army and to the world community which is keeping silent , and doing nothing and most of the big powers supporting that army and encouraging it to kill the infants and babies . The whole world knows Gilad Shalit because he is an Israeli Soldier fighting Palestinians , but the whole world do not talk about 12000 twelve thousand Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails . Always the dirty media talks about one Israeli but they ignore 12000 prisoners without any reason , thousands of them children and women and elderly . Army with thousands of tanks , F16 fighters, helicopters , Atomic Bombs , Phosphoric bombs fighting Palestinian civilians , women , children and elderly .They are getting all types of sophisticated weapons from America to kill Palestinians . But the whole world is blaming the Palestinians to smuggle ordinary weapons to defend themselves from Jewish massacres . The Jewish army arrested most of the Palestinian Government and members of parliament and they are held prisoners . Arresting is being daily practiced by Israeli army in the Palestinian territories . Sometimes the Israelis arrest 20 children in a day and sometimes 100 in a week .
My brothers in Humanity , my love to each and every one of you , either , American ,Jew ,European ,Russian , Asian or African .I want to hug you and kiss you all . We are different in languages and color only. I salute all of you . God Bless you .
Where is love ? For the last 60 years , Palestinians are asking the Security Council to help them get freedom and independence , 36 American vetoes passed against their independence and freedom . The world want them to be under siege , blockade , and hunger and humiliation forever . What is wrong with the world leaders . Palestinians are demanding one thing only , that the illegal Israeli occupation leave their country for good . That is all . There will be no problem at all .
The injuries in impoverished Gaza is more than 5500 civilians more than half of them children and women and more than 450 are in a very serious conditions .
About 1320 civilians killed and slaughtered , more than 400 are children ,babies and women . 50000 fifty thousand houses destroyed . Thousands of children and women without homes in this cold season .
Thousands of trees and plants razed . Schools destroyed by thousands of American F16 fighters , and Thousands of Tanks shelling the civilians during their sleep , unlimited number of bombs falling on children heads , destroying houses of worship and water supply infrastructure and electricity . Blockade for years . Occupation for 60 years . And more and more ….. no end .
There was not a single Israeli in Palestine since 100 years . Every Israeli living now in Palestine is illegal immigrant ,staying on a Palestinian land or in Palestinian house . All Israelis are from Europe especially from Russia . It is shame for one of the biggest army in the world is fighting children and women and elderly and civilians . It is shame for all countries to side the Israeli criminals and the killers brutally against slaughtering the children . People of Gaza do not have tanks , no F16 fighters , no helicopters , no guns , no army , no arms or high sophisticated weapons , no supply from Europe an America . They are under blockade and deprived from freedom , to live humanly , to go to school . Why Israelis like to kill daily since 60 years and more . They enjoy seeing the red blood .
May God forgive those who forgive themselves . I love human without exception . We need peace . We want to taste the life for us and our children . We are living miserable life , no body can bear. Gaza Needs your help , Rescue . 22 days day and night and shelling continues .
John from bethlehem