Monday, January 28, 2008

Bloggin Interrupted!!!! [back 2 cyberjaya]


sienz... Back to MMU for my final semester after 3 months of internship today... The streamyx line back here didnt work quite well so i was having a hard time trying to log in to and even my Y! and MSN messengers. zzzzz.... Therefore, I did not manage to post up some of my drafts earlier.. (at home now, so can post) (^.^)

Anywayz.... it was great to be back in uni, meeting up with housemates and unimates after 3 months of busying with our own work. haha... The day got even better when I got to play badminton and followed by basketball with all my kawanz... But.....

Highlight of the day!!! ----> Drumming session @ Jusco Putra Permai!!

*some Jap drumming game machine in Jusco "kidsland"*

*tada!! presenting you two of MMU greatest drummers*

*none other than Dan & CL*