Monday, January 28, 2008

It's all about [endless] #2

This is quite a spontaneous post as i suddenly thought of dedicating another page for my endless' buddies! Well, I am sure that everyone has different walk of life as they grew up from teenage to young adult. For me, it was the Boys' Brigade (1st KL Company) that really brought me up the way I am now. I am very thankful with the guidance and blessings that God gave me through my journey in the Boys' Brigade. To have such great friends around (endless especially), it really made my life more meaningful.

I am sure everyone will have a group of close friends of their own. For me, it was "endless". Since high school, we played band together, we go for camps together, play sports together, play CS and SC together, build each other up, joke together, and so much more....

Here I wanna reflect back the momentz when all of us turned 21 back in 2006!

*endless devastation a.k.a "clumsy lee lun jun"*

*[endless]deception a.k.a "siketot"*

*[endless]desire a.k.a "howdy"*

*[endless]dread --->"myself"*

*[endless]deceit a.k.a "poppy knight"*

*[endless]deceive a.k.a "ma-ple"*