Friday, June 20, 2008

A RudyFairyFest Gathering

.190608. Cat Got Your Tongue #3 @ Heritage Mansion

Short-Note: Blogger's Tea Gathering tomorrow @ Bangsar Village at 3.00 pm and Wild "Live" Blogging event @ Modesto's, Desa Sri Hartamas, also tomorrow. Have fun for those who are going and see you people there!!

Thanks to PrincessLadyJane's excitement towards this event, informing most of her blogging friends, I ended u in Heritage Mansion last night with a bunch of really cool party freaks. Thanks to Joyce, better known as kinkybluefairy, Rudy from hitzfm and Biresh Vrajlal for hosting the party. For those who didn't come yesterday, see you at the 4th gathering which we will see a new venue. Joyce told me that they have not confirmed the new party spot though but do keep updated.

We had loads of fun last night, chit chatting around and whenever you see DavidLai is around, you'll know what you'll get to see. He is a spoon/fork bending freak!! and Rudy will go like "What the Fork??" haha.. Randy did some card trick to me too and it was really cool!

*say hi to little "penguiee" jumping around*

*beware!! davidlai is turning into hulk!! coz he's being punked for reaching so early!!*

*stanley aka lovesick guy damn tall la!! i have to add a soft toy to reach his height*

*unclejosh with his lovely peiman*

*princessladyjane and stephie with optimus prime??*

*thanks joyce for hosting the gathering!! see ya soon*

*nice to have you around ya bro for entertaining!!*

*kena attacked by bubbles*

*something's going on at the front.. what's that?*

*of course, we have in-house dj to spice things up!!*

Find out who else was there and what was going on at the front tomorrow!!


princess mie said...

thats a fast 1 .. loled ..
yea .. feels sexy with optimus prime!

princess mie said...

ohh .. my penguiee looks freakin cool up there!

joshuaongys said...

and again we met, my senior.. hahaha

andrew said...

[stephk] hah... yea! optimus prime!! and of course... penguiee =D [joshua] haa.... yea.. and again and again and again!! tmr!! =D