Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Fun At The Beach...

.010608. KK Trip Day 4 Pt 3 @ Manukan Beach

Short-Note: Anyone going for "Cat Got Your Tongue #3" @ Heritage Mansion tonight?? See you people there at 10.00pm!! Remember to bring your TOY!! haha..

More adventure, water sports @ Manukan Beach. Next up was parasailing and it was my first time again. Usually I thought banana boats and parasailing was like by the beach side. But not in Sabah coz both of the rides was in the middle of the sea (not literally though) haha..

But it was fun!! I partnered Daniel to balance up the weight but still managed to spoil the rolling motor!! ahahha... =D aiyoman with kweiyee and jyhyian with seowwei!! It's really cool being hung up there looking across the ocean and feeling the breeze hitting gently against your face and the best part is of course when they lowered us down and drag us against the sea water.

Here's the fun i meant...

*so tired after the banana boat ride... seriously, it's tiring*

*tiredness doesn't stop me from more fun!!

*weeeeee!!! lets go!!!*

*yeahooo!!! it'z so cool, so nice up there!!*

*omg!! shark!! plz dun come!!*

Went back to the beach after a really cool parasailing experience and it was really really hot that day!! Thought of snokerling though but we saw this lady kena ATTACKED BY JELLYFISH!! So, we decided to just sit by the beach, under the shade and rest ourselves. I went around to shoot some photos but didn't get to take any nice ones. *sadzzz*

*too tired to go snokerling d*

*trying something new*

*so sien wan??? balik lorzz....*

*photo from vic's camera, just before we left for KK jetty*

*say bye to manukan beach*

*hahaha... guess where im heading next???*

After fun at the beach, we went back to our hotel rooms clean up and makan seafood. (too bad the photos not nice... dowan to show) And the next day (020608) 5 of us parted ways with the rest and we headed somewhere else... Any wild guess?? =D


Anonymous said...

Wah .... it seem like so fun fun.anyway, i like the banana boat hahah.... i think that 1 will be very intersting rite ?hehe

BeverLy's Secret said...

Drew, the para sailing is damn fun!!!
Woo Hoooo~~
You spread the joy to me too!!!

andrew said...

[shanny] yes!! its super fun!! but banana boat in the middle of the sea is more interesting!! =D [beverly] haha.. yea!! damn fun o!! lol.. haha.. never thought it could spread that far!! =D LOL