Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sexciting Day

.250708. Sex Under The City @ SIBKL then Sex And The City @ One Utama

It's now 3am in the morning and yes, I just got home from a pretty sexy night just today. After running through my busyness in office today thanks to the upcoming PC Fair next week (1-3 August), I left office for home at about 6.10pm. Was irratated by the finger print signing in and out system. Perhaps, it was just me that have problem with the finger print identification. LOL...

I was the back up singer for Osbert in tonight's COUZ Night in church and a good 200+ people from various churches came together to hear our one and only SEXCELLENT speaker who is also a sexpert, Pastor Victor Wong, talk about the topic premarital sex. The theme for tonight was so happen to be "sex under the city". After the service ended about 11.15pm, I made my way to One Utama to catch a midnight movie, "sex and the city". LOL... That is way I said I had a sexciting night just now!! haha

*sudah watch?? if not fast fast lo!!*

Passion World Tour Tickets GIVEAWAY!!

*lets go watch Chris Tomlin!!*

Is there anyone out there that wants to go for Passion World Tour in Sunway Convention Centre on the 3rd of August 2008 but did not manage to purchase a ticket yet??


wEtwEtwAtEr said...

HEy bro! You have spare tickets for Passion? Can spare me 1?

Thanks in advance!

andrew said...

[wetwetwater] lol!! i do have though! haha.. =D

Anonymous said...

hi! i'm wondering if you have spare tickets to the passions concert. i'm actually coming to kl on a missions trip and would like to attend with the people on my team. please contact me at (thanks so much!)

Alice Teh said...

So many good movies to catch... my books are in danger of taking the backseat. Not good. ;-)